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Download the How to Engage Your Audience With a Chatbot e-Book

Building an engaged community around your event is the ultimate marketing tool. Engaged attendees become returning attendees and returning attendees become advocates for your event. 

Chatbots are a surprisingly powerful tool that can help you engage your audience year-round, while also taking a load off of your staff. This e-book will help you understand how to use a text-based chatbot at every point in the event lifecycle.

Yes, show me how an EventBot can help me connect with my audience!


Instant answers

Cutting-edge A.I. Chatbots answer questions in three seconds or less, with a 95% Correct Response Rate.


Personal Connection

Text is the most immediate, intimate way to connect with others. It’s always on, and has a 98% open rate, so you know your messages are being read.


Your MVP

Our A.I. Chatbots act as your hardest-working team member, answering questions 24/7/365.